Training Services

We offer a wide range of services to suit various learning and development needs across various departments across various organization/industries.

  • Performance Enhancement and master coaching
  • Train the faculty or Trainer
  • Stand up trainings
  • Need diagnosis
  • Customized content creation
  • College to corporate

Performance Enhancement and Master Coaching

Performance Enhancement Coaching is lead up to instructor led or classroom trainings. It enhances technical and behavioral quality standards over a short period of time. It is undertaken by performance enhancement practitioners. It is measurable behavioral effects based project where all technical and behavioral competencies are broken down to measurable behavioral effects thereby facilitating instant feedback incorporation and bringing about desired results in a short span of time.

Master Coaching entails monitoring the coaching abilities of performance enhancement practitioners (identified and trained from within your organization) by master practitioners (our consultants). Our master practitioners identify areas of opportunity for performance enhancement practitioners, give them feedback, define a solution to meet identified gaps, and track their improvement. It goes without saying that our senior practitioners will equip them with necessary skills and tools to undertake this task. The idea here is to help you build technical capability and make your learning initiative a well oiled machine.

Train The Faculty or Trainer

Whether you have novices aspiring to become fully functional trainers, or the ones who have been training for a while, our train the trainer program addresses needs of both. The program is a highly collaborative one in nature, where our consultants act as coaches in helping participants chisels their training skills. Teach backs followed by intensive developmental feedback are a crucial part of this program.

The program aims at training participants on determining training needs, phases of content creation using instructional systems , planning and organizing delivery, employing right platform skills and communication styles to create conducive learning environment, managing the learning environment, demonstrating knowledge, and evaluation of training.

Stand Up Trainings

These are instructor led trainings conducted through our consultants in classrooms. These trainings use a two way communication methodology between facilitators and participants, question based discussions, feedback sharing, responding to participantsí questions. These trainings help participants a great deal in getting resolution to their queries, developmental feedback, and motivation to learn. Our consultants are adept at understanding and addressing the emotional and intellectual needs of participants, thereby creating a conductive environment for transfer of knowledge, skills and desired behavioral effects.

Need Diagnosis

Need is the difference between what is happening and what should be happening. If the need is significant enough to warrant action, is measurable and correctable, we act upon it. Whether it is an organizational need or felt need or expressed need or comparative or future need, we act upon it. We follow a systematic approach comprising of four steps which are assessing the gap, prioritizing needs, analyzing needs and sharing results with the organization. We use various data collection tools such as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observation, document review etc. to identify gaps and arrive at needs. After all training needs are isolated, we do learner, task and context analysis to be able to start working around the solution.

Customized Content Creation

We make sure that training content is completely aligned with your needs and issues. Thatís why we believe in bespoke content creation. This is achieved by the virtue of extensive research and collaborated efforts of our consultants and content specialists using their expertise and experience, not to mention the usage of instructional design methodologies. Since the content put together is highly customized (to ensure that learning activities during the training clearly match the situations in which they will be applied in future) and thoroughly validated (by the virtue of client and our internal walkthroughs), you rest assured on the efficacy of our solutions delivery for you .

College to Corporate

This program aims at building and enhancing employability skills of students in various colleges awaiting their entry into the corporate world. The program focuses on sensitizing participants to the key aspects of corporate life, helping them understand expectations the organizations would have of them, create an understanding of key skills required to meet these expectations, and kick start their career.

The program is designed to allow participants to experience various aspects of corporate life in contrast to what they would have experienced on campus. It is designed to create awareness and serves as a forum for participants to gain a clearer understanding of the expectations organizations would have of them, and how to tackle their own inhibitions and apprehensions.