J S Informatics defining ourselves as an IT Training solutions provider. We partner organizations in achieving learning goals and enhanced effectiveness of their students/faculty/employees.

We help organization redefine how people relate to Information Technology and educators at their workplace, thereby creating a culture, which supports the organization in achieving its performance goals and defining its business values. We believe that," knowledge translated into action is the critical component of success". All individuals, corporate and teams, educators, student, who want to be successful, need mastery over this philosophy. We help participants uncover the strategies, which enable them to make the most of the hidden opportunities around them.

We bring-in a unique perspective to experiential learning & training. With custom designed training modules, which could include interests of participants and learning are maintained throughout the program. The information points emerging out of these sessions are ‘processed’ by facilitators resulting in a clear action plan for personal and professional growth for participants

We have successfully trained people with feedback ranging from ‘excellent training value’ and ‘workable solutions provider’ to ‘one of best in the business of service training’. Most organization have expressed their desire to repeat and continue their engagement with us. Our training tenets are based on latest inputs on behavioral traits and experiential learning from world institutes. .