Business Application Developments

The global market brings new challenges for every business nowadays. Ever increasing competition and rapidly changing markets require businesses to stay alert, react quicker and perform better. Our solutions help clients to drive business value from technology investments and capitalize on increased sales opportunities, cost efficiencies, new revenue stream generation and enhanced communications with customers, partners, suppliers, employees.

JS Informatics enables businesses to get a new competitive edge delivering robust internet solutions in the following domains:

Content and Document Management Secure Intranets / Extranets
Web content management, enterprise knowledge and document management solutions

Enterprise portals, collaboration tools, enterprise data repositories, document circulation, etc.

Customer Relationship Management Workflow Management
Lead tracking, contacts management, marketing campaigns planning, sales process management, etc.

Business Process automation, communication channels, planning and reporting tools, etc.

Supply Chain Management Interactive Learning
Procurement, product flow and delivery, warehouse management, collaboration with suppliers & partners

Courseware, testware, information systems, Interactive content and learning applications


In all our projects we are focused on partnering with our clients. We thoroughly study your particular business requirements to define an appropriate solution. We couple our technology competence with business domain knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that meet the unique requirements of your industry and business.

Our efficient project management methodology, proven delivery model and customer-oriented approach guarantee every project's success.